Assistive Technology IEP Goals Ideas

VoiceOver for iOS

Goal: Giving an iOS device and a refreshable braille display, student will demonstrate 15/15 VoiceOver navigation commands with 100% accuracy on 3/3 consecutive monthly trials.

Criteria - VoiceOver Navigation Commands
  1. To move to the top left = l and space
  2. To move to the bottom right = 4,5,6 and space.
  3. Move by element = 1 and space/4 and space
  4. Rotor Control = 3,2 and space/5,6 and space
  5. To move to the status bar = s and space
  6. To move to the home page = h and space.
  7. To move to the next page = o and space.
  8. To move to back a page = ow and space.
  9. To get out of a menu = b and space.
  10. To move to the notification = 4,6 and space
  11. To move to the control panel - 2,5 and space
  12. App switcher = h + space 2x quickly
  13. scroll down one page = th and space
  14. scroll up one page = ble and space
  15. item chooser = i and space

Goal: Given an iOS device and a refreshable braille display, student will demonstrate 13/13 VoiceOver commands for editing text with 100% accuracy on 3/3 consecutive monthly trials.

Criteria for Editing Text
  1. rotor control to locate edit = 2,3 and space
  2. backspace = 7 and space or d and space
  3. new line/enter = 8 and space
  4. routes cursor using router keys on the braille display
  5. select text = low d and space
  6. select all
  7. copy
  8. cut
  9. paste
  10. insertion point at start/end = 3,6 and space
  11. read from current cursor location = r and space
  12. read all top left to bottom right = w space
  13. pause reading = p space

iOS Goals for Apps

Goal: Given an iPad and a task, Student will chose an appropriate App for the task demonstrating 10/10
criteria on 3 consecutively trials.

  • Task - Add Student Schedule or homework assignment / calendar or low vision calendar
  • Task - Create a word document /Pages or Documents2Go
  • Task - modify a word document /Pages or Documents2Go
  • Task - Scan a PDF file to readable text /Prizmo or ZoomReader
  • Task - Read his textbooks - Read2Go
  • Task - Convert a picture to a PDF /Prizmo or PDF Provider
  • Task - Annotate a PDF file /iAnnotate
  • Task - Email completed assignments
  • Task - Store documents in Cloud /Dropbox or iCloud
  • Task - Receive email attachments and file /Pages or Documents2Go or Dropbox

Goal: Given a membership to and the iPad App Read2Go, Student will
independently navigate his text books (audio & large print) by locating a book on the
bookshelf, navigating by page, bookmark, and section on 3 consecutive trials.

Transition Skills and Daily Living

Goal: Student will create a resource file to include information pertaining to their visual impairment, public
transportation services, ADA law, Blindness Service Centers, low vision devices, and assistive
technology creating 10/10 resources. As Measured by Student Created Portfolio

iOS Low Vision Accessibility Settings

Goal: Given an iPad utilizing iOS 7.0 or later, Student will utilize Siri and the Setting Menu to
independently set the Accessibility Options to suit their visual needs demonstrating 14/14
criteria on 3 consecutive trials. (Checklists, progress monitoring QUARTERLY)

Criteria of Possible Low Vision Settings

  1. Accessibility Options (Settings/General)
  2. spotlight search: check all options
  3. Text Size: largest
  4. multitasking gestures: on
  5. side switch: set to rotation lock
  6. Accessibility Shortcut: Zoom and invert colors checked
  7. Home-Speed Click: Slowest
  8. Assistive Touch: On
  9. Speak Selection: On Highlight words On
  10. Speak Auto-text: On
  11. Larger Type: Larger Dynamic Type: On select largest print
  12. Bold Text: On
  13. increase contract: On
  14. Reduce Motion: On
  15. on/off labels: On

Goal: Given an iPad, Student will independently locate the settings icon, the accessibility options, and demonstrate how to change the Text Size, Increase Contract Invert Colors, Speak Auto-text, Speak Selection on 10/12 successful trials.

Goal: Given an iPad, Student will independently activate Zoom, a screen magnification program, and demonstrate 4/4 gesture commands with 100%
accuracy on 5/5 consecutive trials.

Gestures Criteria
  • Double-tap three fingers to turn zoom on/off
  • Drag three fingers up to increase magnification
  • Drag three fingers down to decrease magnification
  • Touch and hold on the screen in any direction to Pan
  • Drag three finger to move the magnified page around

Window and Apple Visual Adaptations

Goal: Given an unfamiliar computer, Student will independently make visual adaptations demonstrating 10/10 criteria to suit his visual needs on 3 consecutive trials. (checklist)

Possible Criteria
Turn on Accessibility Tools
  • Win - Ease of Use
  • Apple - Universal Access
Zoom Magnifier

  • Command - (decrease magnification)
  • Command + (increase magnification)

Windows Magnifier - Overview of Functions
  • Win - (decrease magnification)
  • Win + (increase magnification)
Turn on/off the Speech
Change the Icon Size
Change the Mouse size and visual adaptations
Change the Menu Text Size
Change the scroll bar size
Change the cursor width
Change the contrast


  • location of built in accessibility options: