Free Geek Penn Thanks for your service in helping the community and giving back.

Free Geek Penn is a non-profit organization in Lancaster County located at 400 West Main St # 6, Ephrata, PA 17522. For you visual landmark people the old Gerber Building.

This non-profit organization accepts old computers, monitors, TV's, and other electronic equipment people would otherwise throw away. Computers dropped off for donation are re-evaluated to see if they can be repaired or upgraded. These computers are then sold at a discounted rate in their store or given to students with special needs or elderly persons in need of a computer system.

Free Geek Penn's employees consist of community volunteers and many students from the Lancaster-Lebanon IU13. Last week I had a chance to stop by with one of my students while I was on a Orientation and Mobility Lesson. There we received the grand tour. Your tour guide walked us through their show room where the computers restored where or sale They currently have a variety of systems from laptop, to desk tops, to all in one systems ranging in price from $190.0 - $690.00. They operating systems vary from Windows XP to Windows Vista depending on what operating system the computer originally had. Those systems without Windows are uploaded with Linux . There is even a corner where donated computers are stored where the buyer could purchase a desktop system for $50.00. Our guide mentioned that these computers have not been evaluated yet and thus they are sold in AS IS condition.

Next we got to see the work stations. He explained that at these stations computers which are not salvageable are taken apart. The pieces are are then separated by part into bins for recycling.

Free Geek Penn values their volunteers and offers them a reward for 40 hours of service.

After forty hours of community technology service you will receive the following computer and components. We do not take requests. Your computer will contain the following:
Pentium III processor 800 MHZ
256 MB Ram
CD Writer
Floppy disk drive
56k Modem (on request only)
10/100 network card
15" or 17" crt monitor

Linux Is the operating system you will receive. Once you have seen it you will realize it is not much different from the Microsoft programs you are used to seeing. You will be able to surf the net and do any of the office programs you have been doing before. It won't be long to see that it is just as easy to use as Microsoft only the names are different.

A note to the people that will be working to get a computer. Unless you have a valid license for a windows operating system the computer you receive for your forty hours of work will have an operating system Linux based. Since we are a nonprofit organization we cannot afford to load Microsoft operating systems on your computer. We will be glad to load your system with Microsoft for you following the above stipulation. You must have a valid license.

In addition to accepting donated computers our guide also mentioned that they provide a computer repair service for a reasonable price. He stated that for $60.00 (labor) and the cost of any parts needed they will repair your computer. He said this is a great option for people who get viruses on their computer because they can have it fixed for a reasonable price.

Many Thanks for our most helpful guide. Make sure to visit Free Geek Penn and donate your old computers or electronics and help the cause. http://www.freegeekpenn.org/