Orientation to a Refreshable Braille Display - Integrating Orientation & Mobility Concepts

Model Student Age: 6
Model Device: APH RefreshaBraille 18

Visual Description of Device Orientation:

Top Face: dot 7/aka Shift key Space Bar 8/aka Control key
Top Face Next Row: Walking down the Sidewalk to the Center of Town/ aka Raised Round Circle
Joystick: Walk around the circle and look up for the Statue/ aka Joystick. Stand on Top of the Statue/ aka put your finger on the Joystick
Joystick Movement:
Select/ aka Press Down: That the Yes I Want That Key.
Joystick Right/ aka Next: Look to the Right to Hear what Comes Next.
Joystick Left/ aka Back: Whats the opposite of right? Left. To go backwards move Left.
Up/Down aka Lists: Walk up the Stairs/ aka Up to get to the Top. Walk Down the Stairs to Get to the Bottom
Top Face Line 3/ Braille Keys: 3 2 1 ... 456
... / Start. This is the Blank Between Dots 1 and 4 keys.
This is our starting point your Home. I use this space and place the letter of the Week.
3 2 1/ aka Braille Keys:
4 5 6/ aka Braille Keys

Dot 1-First House
Dot 2-Next Door
Dot 3-Last House on the Left
Dot 4 - First House on the Right,
Dot 5 - Next Block Over
Dot 6 - Last Block on the Right
(I change the name I refer to the Keys to Based to the Concept we are Writing/Talking About

I also teach keys in scales. 1 being a higher tone than 2,and 3
4 5 6/ aka Braille Keys: I teach keys in scales. 4being a higher tone than 5and 6.
This the Tone for Dots 1-4. 2-5. 3-6. Have the same Tone. Level 1 - High Tone, Level 2 - Low Tone, Level 3 Lower Tone
Top Face Row 4/ aka Advance Bars and Space Key
Left Advance Bar/ aka Go Back: takes you Backwards. We read left to right. To pan the Braille Backwards press the Left Advance Bar.
Space: Space
Right Advance Bar/ aka More: Whats the opposite of Left? Right. To see more pan by pressing the Right Advance Bar.
Top Face Row 5/ aka Rotor Keys: Counters
Top Face Row 6/ aka Braille Display. This is where Braille appears. Not only the text you want to. Read and write but ALL text. Such. Announcements, popup windows, or the name of anything you interact with.