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Alternative Text InputTypeInBraille - text input via Braille cell configuration, grade 1Fleky - keyboard style text input

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iDiary (journal/writing app) - accessible (few minor glitches, but definitely usable)
I Like Books - Reading, auto playLittle Stars - Letter ID, Phonics, Numbers

Grasshopper and Alligator Apps for Special Education, Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Orientation and Mobility Specialists

Teachers Love Grasshopper Apps! Everywhere I go I'm asked about what is the best Apps? Grasshopper and Alligator Apps Are The Best Apps! Well in my, at this moment. Why are they the best? Because they aren't just Apps they are tools. You can make them do whatever you want and you don't have to know anything about how to make an App.

So what does Grasshopper and Alligator Apps do for Educators?

Grasshopper and Alligator Apps say, "Hey sign up with your email address and we will send you free Apps to Review. They ask you to rate the App or post a review. Great I love free!
Don't worry if you download their free App, but you don't review it, they don't hunt you down, send you reminders to review their app, or cut you off and stop sending you free Apps.

Grasshopper and Allgator Apps don't just send you an App they send you an IDEA.

Grasshopper and Alligator Apps are really saying "Hey here is a concept to teach. I made you an example of what I did. Now Its yours and you can keep it the way it is, change the level of difficulty, or if you don't like our pictures use your own. If the sounds we used isn't what you needed add your own. If you want to add more concepts go ahead.

Well I just got to test out another free App I got from called Touch the Sound. This App is excellent. This Apps teaches sound to picture association.

Using the App Touch the Sound with Visually Impaired Students.

Accessibility: this App is accessible to students with low vision and can be used with Zoom (screen magnifier). This App is not accessible using (screen reader) VoiceOver. The pictures are not labeled. I tried to label the item/pictures but it didn't work. It only labeled the location of the item. The App was not accessible using a Refreshable Braille Display.

The Apps pictures have good contrast, are not visually cluttered, and use realistic pictures. You can even adapt the App for your needs by adding your own pictures that are familiar to your student/s.

The App comes with a large library of sounds that are realistic and clear. Add your own sounds to adapt the App to meet the needs for your instruction.

This App allows you to change, edit, and insert your own pictures, sounds, and concepts.

It will allow you to set the name of the concept (transportation), associate a chosen picture (ambulance) to a concept (transportation), and associate a sound to a picture.

Orientation & Mobility Concepts

Goal: While traveling, Student, will utilize auditory cues to obtain information about their current location.

Suggestions for School Building Concepts to Create
Water fountains

Engage your students by making the App meaningful to them. Allow your students to take the pictures and add them to your photo library. Allow your student to record sounds he associates with his location.

Cafeteria = Have your student take a picture of the landmark they use to visually identify the cafeteria. Record the sound of the cafeteria such as clanging silverware, cash registers, or humming of the refrigerators or vending machines in the cafeteria. Allow your student to assist creating the picture to sound association using the Apps settings.

Why Alligator Apps?

To read and write spelling words I use the following Apps that are compatible using VoiceOver and the RefreshaBraille 18. These Apps are auditory for primary learners and you can use them with the Apps speech with the VoiceOver Speech turned off. Why? So that the goal of the App for learning is reading or spelling not listening. They will also work with the VoiceOver Speech and the App speech as well.

These are Alligator Apps

Sight Words
Fry Words
Phonics Genuis
A+ Spelling Test
Little Stars-Toddler Games

These are flash card apps for primary readers. They are all great and have pre-loaded cards. The words can be displayed on the RefreshaBraille 18 using contracted or uncontracted Braille.

Also these Apps are great because you can make your own flash cards. Enter a word, record your own voice, ect.
I created flash cards for Braille contraction including sound tips of the contractions and dot formations. It works just as well allowing the App to read you word.
A+ Spelling Test works well with VoiceOver. There is one button thats not labeled but you can label it of simple have the student tap the center of the screen.

Little Finder is an excellent App for teaching picture identification and word association in a fun way. This App reminds me of playing memory but cheating and seeing all the cards. App Accessibility for Low Vision/Blind: unfortunately this App is not VoiceOver compatible (sigh), but it does work with Zoom. It's a little touchy with Zoom so make sure you really drag 3 fingers to scroll. Pan using one finger up/down, right/left but make sure to align with the cards columns otherwise you'll end up selecting an unwanted card. Other ideas: You can reduce visual clutter by changing the field view, select audio hint, teach directionality by allowing rotation, and finally adapt for the extra time it takes to use a screen magnifier by changing the time to Zen mode. Nice job!

Little Stars

Today I received another FREE App from Alligator Apps called Little Stars - Toddler Games.
With the same message, "This app is also FULLY customizablable so you can go in and make it your own. :-)"

Little Stars - Toddler Games is a fun educational app that covers ten age appropriate topics including: First Words, ABC Letter Names and Sounds,Counting and recognizing Numbers, Shapes, and Colors.

I love this App. I really appreciate having the ability to customize it and make it my own. Here's your Review Thanks for the Free App

Excellent and VoiceOver Accessible Previously I had contacted the Heroic Technical Support Team in regards to making their Apps accessible to blind children using VoiceOver. They are a Heroic Technical Support Team as this App is fully accessible with VoiceOver and a Refreshable Braille Display. Well Done! Watching my 6 year old visually impaired student utilize her iPod and Braille Display, to independently play this game by herself and with her sighted peers "Makes a Difference." Thank You