So I Was Thinking ......... My Workshop IDEA?

I think it would be fun to show you all how to adapt an Alligator or Grasshopper App to teach Orientation and Mobility Concepts ( Auditory Training, Transportation, Residential and Business Familiarization, and Visual and Auditory Adaptations for Route Travelers Specific Tothero Environment - Cue Card, Sequencing) for Low Vision and Blind.

I think I'll load up an Public iCloud so everyone can download the mP3 files, Pics, App Backup Data and directions I've already made.

Maybe APH will loan me some Refreshable Braille Displays. Nudge, nudge after my Workshop I'll glad show you all my VoiceOver and RefreshaBraille 18 tricks.

Maybe if participants sign up to receive Free Apps from AlligatorApps and GrasshopperApps they might kindly donate participants Free Apps to download on their iOS devise. I know Simone of iWalking is willing to help out. I'll demonstrate how to make Virtual Maps for Low Vision, How to insert Real Pictures or Auditory Cues as Landmarks, and PDF Creation and Annotation.

Demonstrate Accessible Apps for Daily Living such as: magnifiers, money identifiers, bar code scanners for shopping and labeling, GSP Apps, Apps for measuring distance, Noise reverse filtering Apps for outdoor travel, quick note taking Apps, Google Map Accessibility, Voice Navigation, Intersection Identification, and whatever else I find within the next 3 months until September29 - October 2, 2012.
iOS Accessibility Low Vision and Blind
How to use Fast VoiceOver Navigation Braille Display or Gestures.

I'm thinking About It - And taking Special Requests

May App Line Up ( In Progress: GoodReader, iAnnotate, PDF Provider, PenLoupe Pen, iWalking, Grasshopper Apps, Alligator Apps.