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Android Apps Specializing in Access for the Visually Impaired and Blind

First of all, let me start with the fact that Android Phones do not come with Accessibility Options!! These free Apps have to be downloaded from the Android Market. I will be posting the names of Apps that work well with a brief summary below.

Android Accessibility http://eyes-free.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/documentation/android_access/index.html

This is an introduction to using Android phones for people with low vision, or no vision or those who want their phone to speak.
All Android phones that have Android version 1.6 or later, contain built-in support for speech output and accessibility, completely free. While not all applications are accessible, Android is quite customizable. By downloading the right software and configuring the phone properly, a visually-impaired user can access just about any function, including making phone calls, text messaging, email, web browsing, downloading and using many of the thousands of apps on the Android market.
If you're not sure if Android is right for you, you may want to start with the Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. Choosing a Phone
  2. Enabling Accessibility
  3. Accessibility Basics
  4. Accessibility Services
  5. The Android Market
  6. Customizing Your Experience
  7. Tips and Tricks
  8. Accessible Apps
  9. Android Version Guide
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Frequently Asked Questions
There are also a number of videos demonstrating various accessible Android applications on the eyes-free YouTube channel.
Follow the Eyes-free Android blog for the experiences of one Android developer and user.
The Accessible Android blog contains articles and tutorials for using your Android device eyes-free.
If you have questions, the best resource is to join and post messages to the eyes-free mailing list.

Eyes-Free Program

WalkyTalky - WalkyTalky is an accessible navigation aid.
-Periodically updates the status bar with your current location to the nearest street address
-Ability to input a destination and directly launch Maps Navigation in Walking directions mode

Intersection Explorer - Intersection Explorer provides a virtual map of your surroundings that can be explored eyes-free. Use touch to move along the current road. Available directions that you can take at any given point will be spoken to you.

TalkBack - TalkBack is a screen reader that provides spoken feedback when using native Android applications

Accessibility Options - Developed by Andriod Eyes-Free Program (menu)

Kickback - KickBack augments TalkBack and SoundBack with additional haptic feedback

Soundback - SoundBack augments TalkBack with additional non-speech auditory cues that make the interaction both efficient and fun.

BrailleBack - is an Accessibility Service that helps blind users make use of braille devices. It works together with the TalkBack app to give a combined braille and speech experience. This app lets you connect a supported refreshable braille display to your device via Bluetooth. Screen content will be presented on the braille display and you can navigate and interact with your device using the keys on the display. It is possible to input text using the braille keyboard.

IDEAL Accessible K9 E-Mail - DEAL K9 E-Mail is an Android-based e-mail client that is accessible using Google's Talkback and other Android screen readers.

Eyes-Free Shell - Turns your android into an eyes-free communication device, it also provides one-touch access to android .

Rock Lock - A simple, eyes-free music player for Android. All controls are based on the Eyes-Free stroke dialer.

Talking Location - Talking or speaking location. Shake your phone to get your approximate position with wifi or mobile.

The Voice for Android - The vOICe for Android translates live camera views into sound, offering augmented reality for the blind through sensory substitution and synthetic vision. It includes a talking color identifier, talking compass and talking GPS locator.

mem - a memory game like simon says for the VI and Blind

Magnify It - Magnify turns your device into a virtual magnifying glass. Works much like the portable CCTV Systems about 2-3 magnification.

Magnify - A digital magnifying glass. Keep your phone 5 inches away for the object to focus (my fav)

Magnifying Glass - Magnifies the test on a page and if you have a flash will allow light for continues use (awesome)

Real Magnifier - A magnifier that uses auto-focus and the flash to enlarge print. Also can take snap shots

Bigger Icons Free Widget - Never have trouble hitting those tiny icons again. Have one giant icon in the place of four or three giant icons in the place of eight.

Root System Font Installer - Changes the default font of your andriod device to the downloaded font of you choice

Call Notification - If your device calls, this app notifies you by voice(caller name), without watching the screen

Dolphin HD Browser- This Browser is excellent. The add ons are what really sells it. It has several useful add ons that make it easy to make visual adaptations for the VI user.
Dolphin Browser HD

Guard My Angel mobile app adapted to visually impaired people
Guard My Angel is a free mobile application which enhances people’s security and safety. In case of any personal emergency, the app automatically sends alerts to pre-selected contacts, and directs them to the user’s exact location utilizing “live” maps. Help is on the way!
Guard My Angel Home Page

Read for the Blind - Read for the Blind” application is the world first innovation for everyone to create audio books for
the blind, by reading books or short articles from magazines, newspapers or any interesting websites.
It is more simple and convenient, without any transport to record voices as in the past.

Color Blind Assist - the current colors the app will detect: Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Purple

Dolphin Apps

Dolphin Reader - reduces visual clutter and removes ads

Dolphin HD Browser- This Browser is excellent. The add ons are what really sells it. It has several useful add ons that make it easy to make visual adaptations for the VI user.

Google Play Apps for Teaching Students with Visual Impairments
Visual Stimulation, Visual Attention, and High Contrast Apps

Seenesthesis-blind exploration - Seenesthesis is a creative application originally designed for visually impaired children, but we encourage EVERYBODY to close his eyes and experience Seenesthesis. Seenesthesis allows you to first learn about a series of objects and then to test your skill at identifying them.
While exploring a certain item you will feel a vibration if you are touching its boundaries and you will hear the name of the colors you go through.

Blinds Live Wall Paper - (simulate a lightbox)
Fill your screen with spinning blinds that react when you touch them. Configure the blinds reaction to your touch and how quickly they slow down. Choose for the colors to change over time or select a single color to use for all of the blinds.

"Color Splash - Photo Touch" - (Creating choice cards using real pictures. Change the color of the picture focus)
This app allows you to recolor your images and apply around 25 cool effects to them.
You can select any image easily from gallery. Facebook, camera and apply around 25 cool effects to them like:- tint, sepia, bump, engrave, invert, hard light, soft light, color tone, high contrast, black & white, etc.

Add Ons to add
- Dolphin Reader: reduces visual clutter and removes ads
- Text Sizer: Change the size of the text, style, format
- Dolphin Brightness: Brightness and Contrast
- Last Pass: login password saving
- Dolphin Screen Cut: Create webpage screen shots
- Ad Blocker: reduces visual clutter
- Desktop toggle: quick flip between mobile and desktop view of web pages
- Speed Dial: quick access to your favorite webpages
- Google Services: quick access to google mail, docs, calender, ect
-Fullscreen (Froya) : Full screen view

iOS Device Accessibility

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DAISY Readers for the iPad, iPhone, iTouch

  • __Read2Go__ from Benetech and Shinano Kenshi Co. Read2Go is the most full-featured, accessible DAISY reader for the Apple device market. This very easy-to-use app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch connects directly to Bookshare for immediate on-the-go reading. Individual users and schools supporting students can search, download, and read Bookshare books and periodicals and manage their books in a bookshelf. In addition, Read2Go reads DAISY 2.02 and 3.0 materials. You can purchase Read2Go from the Apple App store for $19.99.

Go Read for Android

  • Go Read is fully accessible e-book reader for people with print disabilities. Optimized for visually-impaired readers and usable by anyone, Go Read allows you to download and listen to books on Android smartphones and tablets. Go Read is based on the open source FBReader project and is available for free. It was developed by Benetech, a nonprofit technology organization.

DAISY Readers for Mobile Phones