Braille Reading, Writing, and Cloud Syncing for iOS Devices for Regular Education Teachers

The Apps I like best that are VoiceOver friendly and accessible using a Refreshable Braille Display are Pages and iA Writer. I utilize and teach both Apps to my students with Visual Impairments as both Apps have similar but different functions.

Choosing an App!

Before choosing which App your gonna use, ask yourself these questions...

On what type of computer system (Windows/Apple), iOS device or Android tablet do I want to be able to seamlessly exchange data between?

What that really means is which App will allow me to access my files on any computer system (Apple/Windows), via Internet using a App/Website specific URL, or Tablet (iOS/Android Based).

Answer iA Writer.
Thank Denise Robinson for mentioning that App to me.

How does iA Writer do this? iA Writer syncs with Dropbox and Pages does not.

Dropbox is screen reader friendly (Jaws, Window a Eyes, VoiceOver, kickback etc..), its available for Windows, Apple, iOS and Android Systems.

Pages uses iCloud. iCloud is not available on Android, requires a file download and extention specific software to to access a Pages document on a windows device.

In other words Dropbox works best on all computer systems. Pages is an Apple product and works best on Apple products. So if you only have to work with Apple software Pages would work just great.

How do you set up a network to exchange data between the Student, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments, and regular education teacher using Dropbox?

First as a TSVI (Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments) nyou are the primary file manager.

Why because you know how to use Dropbox.
First create a Dropbox account with a valid email worries it's free.. ( use a computer not a Tablet it's easier)

Next create folders in your Dropbox account by school or teacher name. These will be the primary folder names your Student and Regular Ed. Teachers will have access to.

Next TSVI, create another Dropbox account for each school district.
What will you need to do first? Make up an email address for the Support Team.

Why because you'll need an email address (not your own) to send a Dropbox Share Invitation aka the folder everyone will have access to.

The easiest way to create an email account is using the students or your iOS device using iCloud.
Why because apple allows you to create a free email address and asks less questions than google or yahoo.
I'd suggest creating email address by district name that way you can expand folders by school and teacher names to limit folder specific access. (Aka privacy control)

Next go back to Dropbox (via web)
Now you need to share a file aka the file you want the teacher and student to have access to. Look for the picture of a rainbow(share) and type in the email address you created for the district/teacher.

Why should you the TSVI do this?
Because every time you invite someone to share a folder and they join Dropbox, Dropbox will give you more storage space Free.

Once you have sent an invitation (to the new email address you just created) to share a folder aka the folder everyone will be able to see and make changes to, login in to your new email address and check the inbox for an email from Dropbox.

You will receive an email from Dropbox stating (someone) has sent you an invitation to share a folder. Click the link to see the folder.

This link will take you back to the Dropbox website. Create a new Dropbox account using the email address you created for the district.

Log into the New Dropbox account and click accept to agree to sharing a folder.

Now that you and the district both have a Dropbox account and have shared folders you'll only have download the Dropbox App to the Teachers computer and link the Dropbox account to iA Writer.

Download the Dropbox to a Windows or Apple Computer by going to
Click the download button.
Log in

Dropbox will now be installed on the Teachers Computer.
Why would the Teacher want this on their computer?
1. Any document, powerpoint, worksheet, book, video, picture, or audio file can be shared with the student by saving a copy in the Shared Dropbox folder.

2. Any assignment your student completes will also be accessible to the Regular Ed. teacher, located in the Shared Dropbox folder. This is a nice feature as it avoids emailing and many email servers are block by districts.

Finally download iA Writer to your iOS device.
Click the File Browser - 1st button in the top left corner
Click Link to Dropbox - last button in the bottom right corner of the File Browser dialog box.
Enter the District Dropbox user name (the new email you made)
Enter the Password
Click link

That's it! Now you can exchange files, import textbooks, your student can complete a worksheet by editing the file, and there is no email required.