Connecting/Reconnecting Your Braille Display

There are instances in which the refreshable braille display does not automatically connect to the iPad. When this happens Students should be able to give directions to their teachers so they are able to assist them.
To connect/re-connect their braille display utilizing VoiceOver finger gestures and Siri, Use the following commands:

Siri - press and hold home button

  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Turn on VoiceOver
  • Open Voiceover Settings

Continued using FingerGestures

  • Drag your finger down the right side of the screen you hear Braille and stop
  • Leave your finger on Braille and tap once on the screen with a different finger. This is called a split tap. Another way to select Braille is to tap 2x on the screen quickly. This is called a double tap.

Careful Of VoiceOver - although you can double tap anywhere on the screen to open/select Braille tapping to slow or not tapping 2x quickly in the same spot will cause the VoiceOver cursor to move. A split tap is more accurate. Using your index finger and your middle finger to perform the slip tap gesture can be quite quick.
Drag your finger down the right side of the screen you hear Choose Braille Braille Display and stop

  • Locate the refreshable braille display, displayed name or display name and serial number
  • Leave your finger on Braille Display Name and tap once on the screen with a different finger. Aka split tap or tap 2x on the screen quickly aka double tap to Connect/Reconnect.
Note: In the event that the refreshable Braille Display does not connect Forget the braille device by tapping the arrow located to the right of the name of the braille display name.
Double Tap Forget Device

  • Go back to Double tap Braille
  • Select your Braille Device
  • Drag your finger across the screen from left to right about center screen to hear the number pad.

  • Enter the four digit pin number for the refreshable braille display using a Split or Double Tap. The pin number for the APH refreshable braille display is 1234 and the pair button.

Students often have difficulty using finger gestures to type in the pin code to reconnect the braille display. The pin code must be entered with in a specific time limit and/or an error message will occur stating that the braille display is unable to connect.

The fastest and most effective way for to make choices using finger gestures on the iPad is by using the split tap gesture or changing the rotor setting to touch typing.